Novels as popular as Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series inevitably generate an amazing number of unauthorized guides, philosophical essay collections, Internet-posted “fan fiction” stories, and the like. To avoid the threat of copyright or trademark infringement litigation, unauthorized Outlander-related publications provide at least one Disclaimer.

Below are the SEVERAL important
Outlandish Scotland Journey Disclaimers.

Outlandish Scotland Journey is an Entirely Unauthorized Outlander-Related Travel Guidebook

Outlandish Scotland Journey (hereinafter referred to as OSJ) is not authorized, approved, endorsed, licensed—nor in any other way sanctioned—by:

  • Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series of novels.
  • Any of Ms. Gabaldon’s publishers (including, but not limited to, Dell, Bantam Dell, Random House, and Delacorte Press).
  • Any of the STARZ network Outlander television series production companies (including, but not limited to, Tall Ship Productions and Sony Pictures Television Inc).
  • Any of the Outlander television series distributors (including, but not limited to, Starz Inc., Amazon Prime Instant Video, HBO, and Hulu).

The Purpose of the Outlandish Scotland Journey Travel Guidebook

OSJ was written solely for the purpose of guiding Outlanderites (fans of Diana Gabaldon’s novels and/or the STARZ network Outlander television series) to a variety of real-world places in Scotland:

  • Locations mentioned in Diana’s first three novels (Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, and Voyager).
  • Sites that inspired—or resemble—Diana’s fictional location descriptions.
  • Places where significant events occurred during the 1745 Jacobite rebellion.
  • Scottish film sites seen on screen in the STARZ network Outlander TV series.

Outlander-Associated Names, Places, Titles or Terminology

OSJ does not claim—nor does it intend to imply—ownership of, or proprietary rights to, any of the character or place names, titles or terminology, used or created by Diana Gabaldon within her Outlander series of novels, or the television series made thereof.

Publication of Outlander Screenshots

Screenshots (aka screen-caps) are split-second, still photographs captured when playing a TV series’ DVD on a computer.

All OSJ site chapters include one or more screenshots or screenshot segments. The sole purpose of including them is to enhance the experience of Outlanderites while visiting Outlander-related sites. By observing screenshots while onsite, Outlanderites are reminded of the location as it was seen on screen.

To be an effective reminder of the TV series’ locales, however, the screenshots—or screenshot segments—were altered in a variety of ways so that the film site’s background could more easily be recognized when visiting a real-world location. Thus, each screenshot’s caption includes the word, “enhanced.”

Screenshot Copyright Captions
The caption of every STARZ network Outlander TV series’ screenshot or screenshot segment that appears within OSJ should officially include the following copyright caveat: “©Sony Pictures Television Inc.

Because we prefer to identify the Outlander TV series’ season from which each screenshot was captured—sometimes also identifying the episode number—inclusion of the Sony copyright would cause almost every screenshot’s caption to be two lines long.

Instead, we have included the Sony copyright info HERE, to save room within the book.

Use of Google Maps Images to Create OSJ Site Maps

In order to assist visiting Outlanderites to find multiple locations within a single OSJ site chapter—such as the village of Culross or the city of Edinburgh—we used segments of Google Maps images, combined them, then enhanced and augmented them to create a few OSJ Site Maps.

While doing so, we strictly adhered to the Google Maps and Google Earth Content Rules & Guidelines, and ensured that the appropriate attribution credit appeared in the thumbnail-sized OSJ Site Map images published within the travel guidebook. Said credit also is clearly attributed on each of the full-sized OSJ Site Map images used to create the Outlandish Extras PDFs that we posted free of charge on our website, OutlandishScotland.com.

OSJ does not claim, nor does it intend to imply, ownership of, or proprietary rights to, any of the Google Maps image segments—or Google Street View image segments—used within the travel guidebook or within the Outlandish Extras PDFs posted online.

Author vs Authors of Outlandish Scotland Journey

The A Novel Holiday (ANH) travel guidebook publishing company concept was solely conceived by Ms. Charly D. Miller, as was the concept of the ANH Outlandish Scotland Journey travel guidebook and its various eBook Parts.

While researching and writing the OSJ travel guidebook—as well as during OSJ website design—Ms. Miller was so generously assisted by other individuals, that she feels unworthy of claiming sole credit for “authoring” the text of OSJ, or the OSJ websites’ content.

Thus, plural terms—such as, “authors” … “we” … “our”—are used throughout the OSJ travel guidebook, and the OSJ website, when referring to the writers or creators of same.

For all legal purposes, however, the A Novel Holiday Outlandish Scotland Journey travel guidebook—as well as each of its eBook Parts—was solely written by CD Miller. She, alone, is responsible for all content published within any OSJ travel guidebook, as well as all content posted on the ANH and OSJ websites.

Ms. Charly D Miller hereby avows and affirms that any and all other individuals who participated in or contributed to the researching, writing, or publication of Outlandish Scotland Journey travel guidebooks—as well as the OSJ website—are indemnified and held harmless from and against: any and all demands, claims, and damages to persons or property, losses and liabilities, including attorney’s fees arising out of or caused by any form of litigation brought against the A Novel Holiday travel guidebook company, or the Outlandish Scotland Journey travel guidebooks, or their associated website(s).