Outlandish Links

There are far too many Outlander-related websites and blogs on the Internet for us to list all of them! Below are the most important Outlander websites, as well as a few of our favorites.


DGheaderThe link above leads to the official website of “Herself!”
Need we say more? I thought not.
This website contains everything anyone needs to know about the Outlander novels. (When introducing someone to Outlander, this is where we send them.)
Our favorite part of Diana’s website: the excerpts she posts from the book she’s currently writing:

“As I write, I will post passages of this new novel here. … The excerpts will also be posted on my Facebook and Twitter accounts as ‘Daily Lines.’ “


Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook page.


DGtwitterDiana’s Twitter handle is @Writer_DG


The official Starz TV Outlander website


StarzFacebookThe Starz TV Outlander Facebook page


STARZtwitterNew02The Starz TV Outlander Twitter handle is @Outlander_STARZ


The Wikipedia Outlander Novels Webpage

The Wikipedia Outlander TV Show Webpage

The Wikipedia Outlander Series Webpage—both Novel & TV info

This Wikia webpage offers loadz of Outlander info and resources


The link above leads to an OUTLANDER TV NEWS webpage that lists the official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook addresses of many Outlander Cast and Crewmembers!
BTW: This site’s home page contains links to a wealth of other Outlander-related articles and news posts.


DGtimelineDiana provides links to the German and English Versions of Barbara Schnell’s Outlander Timeline webpage on her own website. We think that qualifies Barbara as being an endorsed Outlander expert!


OutlanderListsTimelinesHeaderThe Outlander Lists & Timelines is another great Outlander website. Here you can also learn about major characters (people), vital locations (places) mentioned in the novels, and sooooo much more.


TerryDheaderTerry Dresbach is Outlander’s amazingly talented, award-winning Costume Designer. She’s also the wife of Ron Moore—Executive Producer, sometimes Writer or Director, of the Outlander TV Series. If you’re interested in costuming information (as we are), this site is a MUST VISIT.


OutlanderCostumeTwitterTerry’s Outlander Costume Twitter handle is @OutlanderCostum
We luv that her Outlander Costume account only follows 10 people, but has over 12K followers! Terry often tweets fabulous costume pix.


LofLallybrochHeaderThe Ladies of Lallybroch is the FIRST Outlander fan group ever formed—long before the TV series was even a pipe dream!


The Great Scot Blog
Mandy’s blog is Outlandishly delicious! Her trip pages are marvelous to read and jam-packed full of great pix. She also specializes in providing assistance with pronouncing and understanding Gàidhlig—aka, the Gaelic language—with the assistance of none other than, Àdhamh Ó Broin, Gàidhlig ambassador extraordinaire and tutor to the Outlander cast and crew.


Heughan’s Heughligans are a fan community dedicated to Sam Heughan.
Their website contains a wealth of information and resources related to Sam and Outlander.

“Shortly after [Outlander] casting began and the Heughligans were established, we decided as a group that we should put all of the fan energy and creativity to good use. … Three charity sites have been set up at justgiving.com to support Sam and Cait’s charities.”


Caitrionation is fan group for Irish actor Caitriona Balfe who stars as Claire Randall Fraser in the television adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s best selling Outlander books series. We call ourselves Caitriots, and in addition to spending time discussing Caitriona [pronounced “Cat-trina”], her co-stars Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Graham McTavish, and the books, we also raise money for World Child Cancer.”


Outlander Evangelist Blog
Heather’s blog is fabu, and she was very helpful to Outlandish Scotland Journey.

Adventures Around Scotland Blog
Susanne Arbuckle also was helpful to Outlandish Scotland Journey.


OutlandishObsHeaderKaren Henry of Outlandish Observations lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. As you can see above, Diana Gabaldon commented on Karen’s blog, calling it “A beautifully done, entertaining blog.”


OutlanderPurgatoryHeaderDiana describes Carol’s My Outlander Purgatory blog as “Utterly Hilarious.”


Outlander Addiction
This is a fan-based community website and blog containing all sorts of things related to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series and the STARZ television series. A page on this site contains additional Outlandish Website Links that may interest you.


Cote de Texas
Joni Webb’s blog is so jam-packed full of pix and info about various Outlandish locations, each page is a SLOW LOAD.
Here are direct links to some of her Outlander pages:
Here is Joni’s recent page about a Season 2 film site:


There are a Gazillion other Outlander-related websites online.
Have at them!


Happy Outlandering!