Outlandish Scotland Extras

To provide Outlanderites with information important to planning an Outlandish Scotland Journey—yet keep the size of our paperback from being too large to carry conveniently while touring—we created several PDF files and posted them free of charge on this, the Outlandish Scotland Extras Directory.

Please Note: The authors of Outlandish Scotland Journey live in the United States of America. Thus, many of our tips are more helpful to USA (and Canadian) Outlanderites than those who live in other countries.

We intend no disrespect to Outlanderites journeying to the UK from other countries! We simply haven’t the expertise to help you more specifically.

Although you’ll still find our Outlandish Scotland Extras tips useful, you’ll also need to access your country of origin’s government Internet resources to obtain UK-travel-related information pertinent to your holiday planning.

Just like our OutlanderLinks PDFs, Outlandish Scotland Extras will be updated whenever new information becomes available, so check back from time to time. When an updated PDF has been posted, you’ll see a note in its directory entry—in this font color.

BTW: You can help with updating!
If you have questions not answered in our Outlandish Scotland Extras, discover new info we should share with others, or find a broken link in one of our PDFs, please Email us so that we can update these files.
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Outlander Insider Info

You Can’t Get There From Here
Alas, some of the most beloved Outlander locations are fictional—places you cannot visit.

Not Going to Go There
Places not included in our Outlandish Scotland Journey travel guidebook, and the reasons why we left them out.

Outlander Tours
Information about the most popular and reputable Outlander-themed tours.
This file was updated on October 27th, 2017.

Outlandish Site Overview Tables
To assist you with designing your itinerary, we update these tables as we finish each Part of our 7-part travel guidebook. As of October 27th, 2017, tables for sites in Outlandish Scotland Journey Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 have been posted.
SPACESite Overview Tables provide the following information for each of the Outlandish Scotland sites—in one place:

  • The Outlandish Scotland Journey Site Name & Number
  • The Site’s Outlandish Rating:
    Great SiteMight Be Fun site … Skip It site
  • Whether it is mentioned in the Novels, or is a Jacobite-related Historical Location, or is an Outlander Film Site
  • Whether it is an Historic Environment Scotland property, a property managed by the National Trust for Scotland, a Scottish Heritage site, or a Privately run site
  • Suggested Visiting Time for enjoying the site

Scotland Travel Tips

UK Terminology Guide
Many English words mean something different in the US than they do in the UK, and vice-versa. This guide includes the ones you’re most likely to encounter while Outlandering in Scotland.

International Travel Safety Tips
Tried and true safety tips important to all foreign national Outlanderites when traveling to Scotland.

UK Car Rental and Driving Tips
Important considerations for selecting your rental car and preparing to drive in the UK.

Rental Car Checklist
Save it to your smart phone, or print and pack it in your carry-on, so that it’s handy when you pick up your car.

Defeating the Left-Side Driving Dilemma
Travelers who live in right-side driving countries (the majority of the world) will experience episodes of anxiety and confusion when having to drive on the left side of the road in the UK. It is unavoidable. This PDF contains tips that have worked to avoid or alleviate the stress experienced by us and others when driving in the UK.

Public Transportation Links
This PDF provides public transportation links and discounted travel pass information for those who prefer not to drive in the UK. Even Outlanderites who will be renting a car should consider using public transportation within major Scottish cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow—perhaps even Inverness.

Free Entry Passes for Visiting Scotland
Learn about the Historic Scotland Explorer Pass, the Scottish Heritage Pass, the National Trust for Scotland Discover Ticket—and more.
This PDF was updated in February, 2018.

Scotland Lodging Tips
Many Great Site chapters of Outlandish Scotland Journey include local lodging references. This PDF contains additional tips for finding lodgings (of all kinds) when visiting Scotland.

Telephones and the UK
How to dial from outside or inside the UK, and international phone options available.

UK Internet Access
Options for connecting with the World Wide Web while in the UK, and services that should be avoided.

UK Photography Issues
Railway station photography rules; the value of packing an extra, cheap or disposable camera; and more.

Rick Steves’ Lost Travel Photography Tips
Terrific travel tips related to photography equipment, as well as a few techniques for snapping the most interesting pix.

Packing Pointers
General packing tips, including: smart methods of baggage identification, important travel documents to copy and stash, and vital personal supplies you’ll not want to forget.

Supplies to Purchase in the UK
Stuff you don’t need to lug along when traveling to Great Britain, and where to cheaply purchase these items after you arrive.