Outlandish Scotland Journey eBook Part 4

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Part 4 of Outlandish Scotland Journey consists of 14 Sites:
The City of Stirling & Nearby Places
Sites Between Stirling & Edinburgh

Bullet01web 8 places are rated Great Site

 Bullet02web 5 are rated Might-Be-Fun

Bullet03web 1 is Skip-It rated

The chapters describing these 14 sites provide information important to making your holiday itinerary decisions.

Outlandish Scotland Journey eBook Part 4
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PART FOUR: The City of Stirling & Nearby Places
Sites Between Stirling & Edinburgh

The City of Stirling, Site #25: A briefly-mentioned Novel location; A city rich with Scottish history; Three minor Season 1 & 2 Film Sites

University of Stirling, Site #26: Two of Stirling’s minor Film Sites

Doune Castle, Site #27: The exterior Castle Leoch Film Site!

Tullibardine Chapel, Site #28: A minor Season 2 Film Site

Drummond Castle Gardens, Site #29: Season 2 Film Site; the Palace of Versailles Gardens

Touch House, Site #30: Season 2 Film Site;  Culloden House exterior and interior

Cambusbarron, Site #31: Possible Season 4 Film Site; Fraser’s Ridge???

Dunmore Park House, Site #32: Minor Season 1 Film Site; WWII French Field Hospital

Callendar House, Site #33: A Novel Location & brief Season 2 Film Site

Linlithgow Palace, Site #34: One of three Wentworth Prison Film Sites

Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway, Site #35: A minor Season 1 Film Site; A London Train Station

Blackness Castle, Site #36: Fort William Film Site for Season 1 & 2

Hopetoun House, Site #37: A Season 1, 2 & 3 Film Site; places in Scotland, Paris, & England

Midhope Castle, Site #38: The exterior Lallybroch Film Site for Seasons 1, 2, & 3!


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We look forward to guiding Outlanderites to each of these marvelous places—and many, many more.

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