Part 3 OutlanderLinks

OutlanderLinks are PDFs that contain the website links cited within each Outlandish Site chapter, as well as within the front and back matter sections. These files are posted here—free of charge.

OutlanderLinks PDFs are designed to enable Outlanderites who purchase the paperback—or those who buy an OSJ eBook, but use an eReader that cannot conveniently access the Internet—to easily explore the website references provided within the Outlandish Scotland Journey travel guidebook.

After opening an OutlanderLinks PDF on your computer or tablet, you can simply click on each link, rather than having to type website addresses into your Internet browser.

Each site’s OutlanderLinks PDF also includes site coordinates or addresses to help you drive to the location, as well as directions for reaching it via public transportation. By placing this information in a PDF, we allow you to copy-and-paste these items as needed.

Each OutlanderLinks directory also includes:
bulletSpecial Maps created for some chapters
bulletUpdates containing new information
bulletAnything else we feel might be helpful

You can help with updating!
If you discover new info we should share with others, or find a broken link in one of our OutlanderLinks PDFs, please Email us so that we can update these files. novelholiday [at] gmail [dot] com


PART 3 OutlanderLinks
The Callanish Stones &
4 Scottish West Highland Locations

Front Matter & Appendix OutlanderLinks

Callanish Stones, Site #20

Callanish Stones OutlanderLinks
Isle of Lewis/Harris Ferry Guide

Dun Telve & Dun Troddan Brochs, Site #21

Dun Telve & Dun Troddan Brochs OutlanderLinks

Glenfinnan, Site #22

Glenfinnan OutlanderLinks

Fort William, Site #23

Fort William OutlanderLinks
Outlandish Fort William Maps

Glen Coe, Site #24

Glen Coe OutlanderLinks
Outlandish Glen Coe Maps